Value from vvvv to RGB led matrix 64x32

Hi everybody

can you please advise me how to move the value generated in vvvv to RGB led matrix display? 64x32 (specifically two displays together 128x32)

specifically this:

in vvv I got here:

I looked for options like

  • arduino?
  • Teensy ?
  • DMX ?

Which is the best option and how specifically I could connect vvvv value and RGB matrix led ?

thank you for any helpful answer :)

hi matus, welcome to the vvvvorums!

funny, we have the exact same panel laying around here. My colleague said he did not find any libraries for arduino, but he found this library which works with the raspberry led shield.

thank you very much for your response :)

Raspberry Pi was one with the option I found but I wasn’t sure if it works as a part between the PC (vvvv) and the RGB panel or I have to run straight from the raspberry.
Write me please the exact process ? - only in simple points

what do I need to get data from vvvv (PC) to RGB led panel throught Raspberry Pi?

Thank you very much for your willingness

hey matus,

its not so pretty straight forward and i have not found a way to do this yet.
on the raspberry side i guess you would need to write a wrapper that prepares for example a network string you send to displayable pixel data. the above mentioned library has two wrappers for that in c# and python.

if you do not need to use exactly this matrix, there are options avaliable that use leds with the ws2812 controller, that are probably a bit more out of the box friendly.

for example that one:
you can use the teensy and octows to drive that pixels.

if you however need to use exactly that matrix, this is what i would do, assuming you are familiar with python:

  • get a raspberry and a led matrix shield
  • use the above mentioned library and figure out the correct settings for the matrix
  • write a small wraper in python that accepts text over network (zmq/tcp/udp/mqtt), and pushes that text to the led matrix
  • set the raspberry to autorun the script

the basic code for that is here:

the goto address for zmq is here:

hope that helps you.

leo There is smart matrix for teensy that might work if its a HUB75 panel

Thank you all, i will try to choose the best option

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