Value from client's back to server

Hello everybody
I’v got a little problem. I made a Boygrouping with 4 PC’s. 1 server and 3 client’s. With this 3 clients I move somme motors and this motors give ä return value when they arrived at the position. Now I need this Information from this Motors on the server. How cane I send this Informations from the client’s back to the server.

Thanks for the awnser’s.
Best regards fgarti

Try with S and R node.

You could try also with UDP node

hello, you can use a NetSend module and boygroup it. set 3 different ports depending on the client ID. then get the values with 3 NetRecieve modules which are not boygrouped.

Thanks for the awnsers.
Best regards fgarti

hello DigitalSlaes
Hello Tonfilm
Thanks for your help. I will test it but at the moment the whole Boygrouping is crashed. I don’t know what’s going on. 2 Days before everything was ok. But now nothing is working any more. I can’t communicate with the clients. when i restart the vvvv on the server the motors move the saved position on the clients but then they don’t communicate anymore with the server. the clients don’t give anything out on the screens, no renderer and no program structure. But the server say the clients are Ready for communications.

I use the vvvv_40 beta 21 (I need the SlimDx), 3 commpleat clean clientpcs with the Ips,,
I tested 2 different computers for the server with the Ip
I can ping the clients from the server.
I tested to reinstall vvvv on the clients and the server.
I restarted the computers 1000 times
I tested 2 older vvvv versions.
Before I stop working 2 days ago i had ä big systemacrash. The energy of the whole installation was crashed.

Is this problem known and is there a solution for it around?

Thanks for the helping
Best regards fgarti