Value bug

0.000 ain’t 0.000. hä?

(Vector Values came from Timeliner)


looks like an accuracy errr. in the src the value is 7.67412759342234E-018.

ValueBug.v4p (2.3 kB)

we could use another way of displaying numbers.

at the moment it is a fixed point view onto numbers with 3 digits after the point. in many cases this makes not so much sense. however the scientific view (7.67412759342234E-018) onto numbers might also be not so handy most of the time.

so since the fixed point view is always rounded it is totally possible that 0.000 is not 0.000. since many small numbers will result in that fixed point view.

and EQ (Value) gives you the possibility to adjust the epsilon. so most probably you would need to use 0.001 or 0.0005 to simulate a string comparison of the fixed point view.

timeliner is the last node from which i would expect precise values since you put in keyframes manually.

you can influence the number of digits after the point with the more or less handy (FormatValue(String))

(how was the format for linking to the node reference again?)

FormatValue (String)

openroundbracket openroundbracket PageName closeroundbracket closeroundbracket

links to wiki pages

so therefore

openroundbracket openroundbracket NodeName space openroundbracket CategoryName closeroundbracket space closeroundbracket closeroundbracket

links to node reference pages.

personally i would love to have that space at the end removed, but its a wiki way - the rest is quite plausible.

we could use another way of displaying numbers.

jea. i think if an output shows 0.000 but isn’t acutally zero this should be displayed in some way (through an exclamation mark?), so it’s not confusing anymore if the values aren’t equal when they say they are. (using epsilon isn’t always suitable, and why would i convert to string and reconvert to value for smthg like this).