V4p 2 exe

Is it possible to compile *.v4p into *.exe ?

nope… no text …


I mean - are you going to do compilable to exe version?
It would be the best programming tool.

of course. the time will come…

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I remember it being on a todo list from the first beta I used… hehe
I’ve learnt to live without it, and in many ways it makes things much easier, for example fixing bugs onsite that don’t crop up till the last minute with the final hardware you dont get to see till showday…

i think in theory this should be possible if the hosting aspect becomes more open source and you’re using entirely plugins (i.e. no native nodes)

this may sound crazy (not using native nodes) but i think there is a maxim that this should be the way things go. I think DX9 shouldn’t be replaced by another closed source system, or that at least the value in doing so would be much less than an open source set of nodes (OpenGL, DX11). This would require the plugins having more low level access to the running of the app to recreate the functionality fully, but this is otherwise very possible and worth starting right now.

i see the future of vvvv as a hosting environment for connecting and sharing code both as a coder and as a non-coder (general vvvv user).

so, if it is going to happen (v4p to exe.) do we have a timeframe?

Pack up vvvv and your patch in an exe file which extracts it temporarily and shellexecutes vvvv exe pointing to your patch with /shutup that’s a workaround but i have no idea how to do it. I use .bat files

Worth checking out NSIS for creating a Windows installer. If you work out how to write the script I’d be very interested in talking to ya.


Still don’t ?

If people are interested I worked with a scriptor to make an installer for vvvv (made in NSIS).

The installer installs vvvv, all the requirements, and places a shortcut in the Windows menu for direct access to your vvvv app. This is as close to .exe I’ve seen vvvv get.

The installer looks damn sexy too (and of course very easy to use like a regular .exe installer). It would be possible to make a version that installs vvvv requirements from the net rather than from the .exe - the version I have needs all the packages in the installer (makes it quite big!).

Now I need to make some vvvv apps that people will DL and install.

interested ;)
nice that you found the time for it!

try this app ;)

funky.v4p (14.6 kB)

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this might also be interesting:


tested in non-vvvv circumstances and did the trick.

tip: one might NOT want to pack big files into this… read the doc!

well vvvv is a huge amount of small files.

for v4 itself it should not be a concern. i am thinking of media assets, such as big fat video files, etc.