V4 does not want to follow my rules of classification

Hello everybody!

attached an extract of my project with a .jpg where you see the wrong classification in Herr Inspektor.
I assigned the correct colors by hand in the earthquake catalog sheet, according to the classification rules. (The output of the red marked indices seemed to be wrong in v4).

The sound/magnitude classification seems to work fine (by checking magnitude output with triggered sound). But looking at the vector rose proves that there is no correct color and vector thickness classification, that matches with the sound.
Has somebody any idea what went wrong with the classification rules?
Thanks sueniii

Attention to the volume, there are sounds installed!°

sequenced vector rose.zip (734.5 kB)

hi, i opened your patch, but there where too many things going on there, so i couldn’t figure out what your actual problem is.
you should sort things out and reduce your problem to the simplest patch you could think of.

ok thanks! attached now only the classification patch and the .jpg
(without sound and visualization results)

classification error.zip (603.1 kB)