V4 constantly crashes by alternate other apps (Chrome, Word etc)

win 10 x 64 different betas optimus laptop
very simple/light dx11 patch, nothing fancy, timeliner node inside.
As long as v4 stays in foreground - all right, as soon as it goes in background after few times – freez.
Same patch without timeliner node is more stable, but still some random crashes.
TTY- noting special so far
How to debug?

can you reproduce this on a different machine?
if yes, please share the patch for us to reproduce, otherwise it would be quite specific to that machine, right?

I’m a bit perplex. ALL installed v4 version crashing with same manner. very stable crashing only if v4 goes in background.
staying in foreground i can work for hours without problems. even DX9 version of patch crashing the same way. updated driver doesn’t change anything.
On desktop everything seems to be OK. but there is different software environment

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