V4 and sound design


One week ago i discovered V4 and… i’m in heaven now, well, near of.

I have some questions about the best way to make sound design in V4.

I’ve try to find a way to render the waveform of a file but i failed. I would like to put a sound file in a filestream node, and choose his start and end point with the mouse over his waveform. It is possible ?

hello onosendai.
look just carefully at the filestream node and its input.
they are 2 pins for start and end, that concerns the loop mode.

connecting an IO adavanced value box will do it ;-)

connecting an IO adavanced value box will do it ;-)

I don’t want to make a slider, i want to draw the waveform, then be able to move the start and end point with mouse over the waveform. Like in an audio editor. But maybe it’s not possible yet.

EX9.renderer has got two mouse coord outputs for X and Y sxis. Take x (wave is streching this axis), plug an iobox onto it, a map to change your renderer value (-1 to +1) to 0 to soundfilelength, a framedelay (to make a reloop possible) and connect this at filestream start position (for setting start). Then press reset at filestream to start from there.
Its possible but Im not sure if its very reliable and milliseconds accurate.

sebl did something like this for a given mp3.

he not only abused ioboxes, but also the timeliner. cannot find the link at the moment though

i’d say SourceBuffer (DShow9) is your node. select it and press F1 to see its help file. and dont’t miss the WavePlayer (DShow9)

my waveform experiments can be found here – I hope it is useful