V33_10beta create Enums

i´m glad to see the changelog for the newest version of 4v mentions the createEnum node and the NULL node. cool! but with it there comes the questions. i just tried around with the nodes to make my first enum but it was not as expected.
i connected an IOBox(Enum) to the NULL(Enum) and selected my per CreateEnum(Enum) created USER ENUM 166 and then i was able to select my values. cool for now. but why does the IOBox show the “All Enums” and the “User Enum 166” value, too?

is there a function in this? or did i something wrong?



it would be more clear if the gui would gray out invalid values. at the moment a rather complicated system inside the enums handles invalid entries.
if a patch is loaded for example and you don’t have connected a special webcam you don’t want to loose the information that this camera should be used by the VideoIn node.
so if an invalid entry is selected inside an enum iobox, then this will just be added temporarily to the end of the list.
if you start vvvv again and only valid entries are entered the enum will show only those valid entries…

hmm, i see, handling values that could be invalid needs workarounds.

but the static flow to create a module with new enumeration, for example with one enum and the values “translate”, “scale” and “rotate” would be made like this:

1: IOBox (String) three rows spread with the text entries “translate”, “scale” and “rotate”

2: connect this to CreateEnum(Enum)

3: Herr Inspektor @ CreateEnum -> EnumName: “TransformativeEnum”

4: IOBox (Enumeration) connected to NULL (Enumeration) Receive-Pin

5: NULL (Enum) Enum-Pin = “TransformativeEnum”

if this is correct, i just got it. But how to deal with the incoming data of the enum…

always when i connect the enum2ord node to the IOBox (Enum) i “reset” the enumeration coming from NULL to the first entry “translate” and another entry “empty”.
how to avoid that?

edit to put it like this: whenever i connect that enum2ord node to my iobox enum, i must create a new enum with another name because NULL does not recognize the old enum any more with more than the first entry and the empty entry damn! /edit

thanks and don´t feel bugged (-:


if you reconnect to null it should work fine.
the extra entries are gone with a restart…