UV mapping in blender and xfile export issue

Hi community
here i am with another problem…
I’m trying to do an uv mapping of a simple cube in blender and then export it as xfile to vvvv where i will apply a texture to it.
by searching the forum for past similar issues a found this http://vvvv.org/forum/slicing-up-x.-object-to-get-2d-projection-of-slices where elektromeier posted a link with a tutorial on how to do the unwraping of a cube in blender and i am following the same steps but the xfile is not working correctly (comparing the xfile i produce - not working - with a working one i noticed that if i open the xfile in notepad the MeshTextureCoords part is missing)…
Here you can find a video where i recorded the process i do to create the uv map and then i import the xfile in vvvv so you can see the results i get…
VIDEO1: http://vimeo.com/15983186
why is this happening? am i doing something wrong?

Another thing i wanted to do was to apply different textures to the 3d object so i created my 3d cube in blender as you can see in the following video
VIDEO2: http://vimeo.com/15983359
here too…what am i doing wrong? as you can see 1) if i give a spread of textures only one is showing 2) the one that is showing has the same problem of video nr1…

I’ve attached also a zip with the v4p patch, the xfiles from blender and my textures

thanks for your help and patience!

uv-test.zip (45.4 kB)