Using viao laptop camera and ps3 camera make vvvv crash

Hi Boys&Girls,

I’m trying to use camera texture output into my patches… vvvv freeze and finaly crash. But stays in memory, cannot use End process from task manager. Full reboot is required.
I’m using a Win7 Laptop 64bit, vvvv_45beta31_x86, CL-Eye driver installed. (But cannot use the CL-Eye test, it always crash at launch, not able to select the proper drivers like support video from Code Laboratories)

When loading the Vaio embedded camera, image is sliced…

Any suggestion welcome

PS: No news from Elliotwoods for re-insert the videoin CLEye into the vvvv.pack.image?

not a solution or anything but for the second issue,
have you tried to enable ‘Force Preview’ in VideoIn’s inspektor?

@purf. sorry but there is no Force Preview in the VideoIn (EX9.Texture)

Uh, but the VideoIn (DShow9) has and that one is just one right-click away ;)

That said, now that I’ve looked into it: in beta31, no whatsoever PS3Eye for me either (works fine otherwise and in beta28)

Maybe a PS3eye driver issue.

The same patch on another machine with Vista 32 bit is working fine…
Or an hardware issue due to the OS 64bit… (but using V4 32bit version)