Using MidiNote outputs

The outputs of MidiNote don’t behave at all like I expected them to. “Output” gives me the velocity of the note in the note’s position, but only as long as the key is held down. Then it goes back to zero. As far as I can tell, the other useful ouput, “On Data” gives me a transient “1” in the note position when the note starts and again when it stops. It’s off at all other times. I’d love to be able to do something useful with that, but I’m not sure how. I’m a newbie to vvvv, so I’m learning fast, but I’m still way ignorant…

Are there any patches or modules out there that do things like creating triplets of note, time, velocity? That format (for example) would let me do things (eventually) like recognizing specific sequences of notes, or particular timings. I can learn how to write a module, but I would prefer to condition it with patches for now. Any info on which way I should go, anyone?

I’m going off to explore the MidiOut world now. Wish me luck. Any pointers will be appreciated.

long time ago i created this module: tonfilm-MidiNotePlayed. the output is more intuitive than the native vvvv node. take a look inside… also have a look at the node S+H (Animation) .

midi output is shown in the module MidiControllerOut (Devices), which is included in the release. to use it you have to know some midi bits and bytes…

Thank you, tonfilm.

That’s beautiful, and works like a charm. I’ve spent some time studying it, and I can only say I have a lot to learn! I’m having much less trouble getting MidiOutShort to work, though I suspect I need the same kind of learning there since writing notes out seems to send a spread at a time, rather than a note at a time as I might have imagined it would work. Do you happen to know of an output patch as nice as MidiNotePlayed? Just hoping…

yea, i found “something”, its not corresponding to the MidiNotePlayed module, but it should send some notes:

MidiNoteOut (Devices).v4p (8.0 kB)

Thanks. Works like a charm!