Using midi controller - nano kontrol


What is the easiest way to map control with midi controller?

How can you detect midi control and map it easy with the desired value?

Thanks for help

I do it the easy way: I use the Korg Editor to assign som e sequential CC to the Nano, for example from CC11 to CC19 to the faders and from CC21 to CC29 to the pots.
The use I (Spreads) to set the values to MidiController (Devices).
Then use a Getslice (Spreads) to get the value of each CC.

Check my Userpage, I made a midi mapper for the Nano.



  • Will update it right now, so you can use the new Sysex node, so you can know in what scene you are.

EDIT: korg-nano-kontrol-midi-mapper

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hi west, you mean the device returns sysex message on preset page changes ?

Any chance you can elaborate on that IO?

I’m trying to achieve this with a different controller (Traktor F1) but I can’t seem to get any midi data to register within’ VVVV, though my controller is definitly sending CC midi data.

It’s very likely I just don’t know how to use these functions. Any assistance is more than appreciated.


Sometimes your midi controller can only control 1 piece of software at a time, so make sure you close your other applications beforeopening vvvv.

Next you can check Kalle’s midi modules, there is a sniffer in there:

Or you can check the TodoMap (TodoMap) from the plugin pakage.

And in the meantime read the howto midi, to figure out vvvv starts counting with 0.

Goood luck…

You sure those traktor things are really pure midi and not just a proprietary controller? (checked it with MidiOX ?)

@DreamUp I recall something about the Traktor F1 not being a MIDI device but instead a HID device. not sure about the current status of that but you could try using the HID nodes to see if that works.

launchpad-(todomap-launchpad)-todomap-tutorials few tutors on how to use todo
but midiox is your friend

I’ve since been able to get my midi controller working. Now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to ‘map’ specific cc values to seperate variables…

I have a Traktor S4 and Traktor F1, they both start up in midi mode if Traktor software is not open - for sure… I want to say the same for all Traktor hardware. I don’t know anything about HID I’ll have to do some research

Thanks for the help :)