Using gamma in a live-show - Switching between multiple gamma-patches?

I am playing with the thought of changing my live-visual-set from beta to gamma - but I am not sure, which “architecture/setup” to use.

My usecase: Playing visuals to songs of a live-band (about 60-90 minutes).

At the moment, my setup is one “main”-vvvv-patch which runs a renderer in fullscreen mode which has a picture of a logo. So normally, this logo is shown. For some songs I have vvvv-patches, which I load in the background and then switch the content of the renderer (as described in this post, which gave me the idea a long time ago: Switching between multiple patches ). [If it’s unclear what I mean, I can share my main-beta-patch]. The patches for the individual songs mostly contain video playback, 3d-patches and live-video-input.

So now I’m wondering how to do something similar in gamma. Is there a way to show the content of different patches in one “main-patch”? And would you recommend it? Or would it be easier to use the fresh start as an opportunity to use another system - kairos for example? Or is there something like a svvvvitcher-follow-up for gamma ( Svvvvitcher | vvvv )?

Thanks a lot for any help!

Similar stuff

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Thanks a lot for pointing to the similar discussion!

From a first quick reading it seems like the answer is: Yes, it is possible - but also quite complex :-)

So I am going to reflect on whether this is the architecture I am going to use. Because having a more structured approach in form of a timeline, kairos or sth. similar (maybe even having one big patch, if it works resource-wise) seems very tempting - and not having to deal with opening and closing patches during the show.

So thanks a lot! And it is really great, that it is possible in gamma!

I Normally have one patch, with one system set up when performing.

Some times I need to also have other patches and depending on complexity as well as overhead, I mostly just use spout to connect the patches.

It is a bit clumsy, but for a one time thing, where I don’t want to spend too much time, it works well.

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Thanks a lot for your post! I haven’t looked into Spout yet - with Spout it would also be possiblie to use the output of beta-patches in gamma and vice versa, right?

This mix of vvvv-versions sounds very tempting - yet probably quite messy and ressource-hungry… But it’s very nice that this option is available!

In my experience it is quite smooth. I guess with modern multi core CPU’s it might even be beneficial, but I guess the devvvvs would need to weigh in on this, to get a good answer.

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I use Resolume as a “mixer” and I have many patchs in beta and gamma sending spout out… its a pricy software and its not mandatory at all

I think building yourself a simple “mixer” and compile it as standalone app…
and from there you have full flexibility
Another quick option to test out this method is OBS


I think you could also put your different patches inside the main one, and use a manage process region around each to load and unload them. Probably quite a quick thing to test if you already have the patches

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@catweasel : Thank you! Wow, that sounds really cool - and I think in the long run, this would be my ideal solution!

@andresc4: Thanks, that sounds like the perfect solution for me at the moment; and I already have a resolume licence (not the newest one, and only “Avenue”, but I guess it would work). My only concern is, that my midi controllers (and me!) will get confused, trying to work on 3 programs simultaneously :-) But I will give it a try!

You need 2 programs, LoopMidi and midioxse.exe
From loop midi you create as many virtual midi controllers as aplications you need
Example, Resolume, Beta, Gamma
and from midioxse you take you midi controler, and route a mirror of it to each midi controller, and then you open each virtual on each software

another option is OSC, you take your midi from Resolume and send OSC as brodcast, but only one software will be able to open a listener

the 3rd option is to use an instance of vvvv , take the midi and use ZeroMQ, I found the 1st option the easier one

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Thanks a lot for the midi hints and recommendations!!

Thanks a lot everyone!
I have managed to receive both gamma- and beta-patches in resolume via Spout - so think this will be my short term solution. And in the long run, I think I will try to recreate the beta patches in gamma and then use only gamma - either stand-alone with one big patch and regions, or in combination with resolume.

At the moment I am facing problems with spout both in gamma (very low framerate) and in beta (glitches), but I haven’t looked into possible solutions yet. If I don’t get along, I will open a new topic with specifically these questions.

Again: Thanks a lot!!