Using dmx as a patch commander

hi all !
ok i m continuing on my lazzy way … ;-)
i want to use my schwz to pilot in DMX vvvv.
this not to enter inside the docking/crossfading values complexity, as i have already a working system of memories and crossfades.

so actually doing some experiments…

I was figuring myself that using 2 channels could make easier/smoother the appearance of transformations ( rotations) and movements. but it seems not.

made some tries with IIR and damper. but still same thing…
is there any way to re-smooth my inbetween values ?

cheeers, you vvvvonderfull people… ;-)

ok, being more precise:

I want to use in fact camera in a large space where object are disposed. moving this camera from point to point to look at elements that i want.

I m planning to use dmx as incoming value for those universes:
chan 1 0-255 universe X
chan 2 0-255 universe Y

receiving data give me plain 0-255 values and no float…
so when i m piloting my camera from 0 X to 10 X, it is doing a 0 / 1/ 2 … up to 10 , but without of course smooth values…

here is a somehow attempt using LFO run at once to try to smooth those values…
i know that i m near of the solution but i m not quite sure to attack it by the good way … any help will be gracefully received …

essai_ease.v4p (14.8 kB)

why don’t you make use of some more DMXchannels and Radix (Value) to split a float to those?

UseRadix.v4p (9.4 kB)

hi kalle !
because i will have a lot of things to manage. I have 120 ch under the hand.

so it would be better for example to place my camera only thruth 2 channels: X and Y . with an arbitrary choice of 255 where 127 is 0

now i have to figure out how to make a cross in float between the last dmx value received and the previous one.

i already wondered.

essai_ease.v4p (13.0 kB)

oh kalle ! many many many many many many thanks !
could have passed long days on this one !

thank you ! ;-)