Using different patches in the LIVE environment

Hi there,

So i have quite a few patches made doing a range of things, mostly using a videoIn->texture->EX9object->renderer using FFT to control certain parameters to create a nice sound reactive environment.

My question is what is the best way (& best practice) regarding switching between different patches like this?

Do you make a main patch that controls the set of subpatches with swtiches? If so any clues or examples?

From what ive picked up, there is often a lag when switching between patches that utilise filestreams? So again my question is directed towards minimising this potential issue,



To minimise pauses when changing video file going into one file stream node, get a Raptor, significantly faster switching.Switching patches will always havea bit of a pause I think.
I have built a patch switching patch with set patch, but its too buggy at the moment…

thnx catweasel for the info…

just to reiterate how do i go about building a basic patch-switching patch or indeed any patch for jumping between patches for use in a live environment?

any help appreciated.

Sorry its create node you need, have a look at the help patch, the problems are related to its replacing nodes by their id, which change if you add any nodes to the patch containing the node you want to switch! There is a patch that does this on the board somewhere, as thats what I repatched!

you can get current id’s by using getPatch(vvvv) and XPath(xml).

cool catweasel you got me to the right place… and i understand the concept! :)

i grabbed this cool little switchnode example

however it doesn’t seem to work correctly. On loading the main patch (selecta) it renders the first subpatch (contentpatch1) as expected but if i switch to a different patch i get nothing but a blank render screen.

hmmmm, any ideas ( if you have any time )?

Cheers David I hadnt thought about that!
zpH, I’m a bit busy at the moment, if I get a chance, I’ll have a look next week, if all goes well!

@zPH, check the ID of the node u want too exchange via create node. if u move the mouse over contentpatch1.v4p u see the ID. then change the ID pin of create node to this number. this should fix it.

automatic ID request and setting can be done with the method, mentioned by david…i haven’t checked it myself.

In order to get the current id of a certain node you have to assign another unique identifier to that node. so, assign a descriptive name to the node. then connect getpatch to XPath and query
/PATCH/NODE{PIN{@pinname=‘Descriptive Name’}/@values=‘MyDescriptiveName’}/@id

from the xml description. note: { have to be square brackets. i cant save them here in the forum…

thanx for clarifying u7angel, i thought as much but this still doesn’t resolve the problem my end unless ofcourse im missing something…

going back to the example above ( switchnode )

if i open Selecta.4vp

contentpatch1.v4p is opened by default ( node id is 1)

renderwindow shows contenpatch1

when i switch to contentpatch2.4vp for example, a new node is created replacing the old one as expected but the connection to the renderer disappears ( its node ID is still 1)

why is this?

help gratefully appreciated!

the ID stays the same…did u set the ID 1 on the createnode pin as well ? probably u did or nothing would happen i guess…mmmm. have a look if all paths are correct, pointing to the mainpatch (createnode) and the patches u wanna load. all patches which get exchanged need to have the same descriptive input/output nodes or the connection will be cut.

heh u7angel, yep checked all of those and still it doesn’t want to work…

its simply the download above, if anyone has a spare moment grab the example and let me know if it works for you?

im at a deadend with this one, the node is switched but the connection to the renderer is lost, even if i make all the subpatches identical with different names still there is trouble, hmmmm.

thanx again.