Using an SDF as a vector field / particle wipe

Thought I’d drop this here, its a variation on the texture vector field patch. I wanted to dissolve an image into particles, using an sdf as a wipe. I wont learn fuse without making some random stuff! Might be useful to other people.

HowTo Use SDFs as VectorField.vl (146.0 KB)

I tried it on 6-0017 and this is just a black screen no matter what I connect as a texture.
Is it the version or am I doing something wrong? Can you provide a screenshot?

Hmm, which fuse and gamma version are you on? I’m using 6-016 and fuse 1.02. Which gpu? It should start with a black screen (I forgot to put a onopen in there, sorry!) but after 10 seconds you should see a perlin noise texture then a wipe…

After reopenind the patch its black for me too. Not the first time fuse has not survived a start from scratch for me…
This should work, I think the reset section was breaking it somehow.

HowTo Use SDFs as VectorField.vl (147.3 KB)

Pretty much the same:
6-0017 / 1.0.2
I tried to reconnect some nodes but still no particles created

HowTo Use SDFs as VectorField2.vl (132.1 KB)

This one should work!