Using a patch as a texture on a 3d object

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question about, as the title suggests, using a patch as a texture. I have tried a couple of different methods to do this but cannot figure it out. I have a “box” and am able to texture it with an image but how do you put another patch as animation onto the object?

I am also confused about using a .mov as a texture, the (EX9.texture VXR9) requires DirectShow - This is part of the Microsoft DirectX SDK?

I am very green on vvvv but am enjoying learning how to use it, the video tutorials are very very helpful, thanks alot !

hi dtriangle,

for the your first question i’d recommend you to have a look at the helppatch for the DX9Texture node.

For playing back videos i’d suggest reading faq-av and faq-codecs. quicktime in general is not really a good choice for vvvv imho. if you really need to do quicktime you’re probably better of with the directshow-codecs from quicktime alternative. it’s not that i have tested it though… ;)

Cheers, m4d.

The DX9Texture is just what I needed, I knew it was simple enough and now you have me back on my way, thanks indeed. I think I’ll give up on the video as it was only a work around until I figured out the patch rendering.