Using 32bit version under Windows 7 64bit

Hello dear vvvv-Community,

coming from Processing and OpenFrameworks I recently started to fiddle with vvvv. I tried to use DetectObject for a simple experiment, but got to notice, that the Node is not available. If I understood correctly, it’s currently not supported for 64-bit version of vvvv, right?

So I tried using the 32bit version instead, but crack.exe says I’m missing the .netfx libraries for this. I can’t install these though, since it says I already have .netfx installed (which is technically correct, although for a different architecture). I tried extracting the installer and use the distinct *_x86 setup, but these say I already have a new version installed.

I suppose I’m not the first with this issue, but I can’t find any hints how to resolve this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, forget it. I just threw away all my old .net installations and installed from scratch. Now it works