User Modules List


i want to discuss the automated generation - list of modules on the ‘User Modules’ site.

a simple solution would be:

  1. copy the ‘File Upload’
  2. add some lines to the script that write into a xml file.
  3. do a xml template and include everything into the ‘User Modules’ site

has anyone a better idea?

OUT OF DATE. read last post

i dont understand entirely.
each uploaded file adds itself into the same xml file.
this file serves as a template right?

also have a look at this thread:


read it, lets say: its kind of conceptional stuff
what i propose is the technical solution, its not about: how many input fields we shall have and all these details because the solution is finally extensible… its in fact about finally create a solution using php & mysql or php & xml.


  1. the submit-script:
  • we have a submit-script and a file gallery like it is right now. i dont want to change this structure. but i want to copy the current script and add some functionality concering these user modules to it.
  1. the xml file.
  • is a list of selfinvented tags like:

< author > elektromeier
< desc > bla
< url >

  1. the xml-template
  • is now using these informations to create categorized tables and stuff

so we can sort the data by author, date and can do divided tables

so the question for now is:
if the solution i propose fits on our problem

o.k. this post is out of date.
we are now thinking about a complete solution connected with VVVV