User Help Patches

Hello vvvv’s!
Due to the common need of better help patches we hereby start the make-your-own-help-patch contest. So every time you stumble upon a missing or confusing help patch, let us know and post it here or (much less work for us) edit the helppatch ToDo page.

And if you’ve got the time and inspiration to patch your own help patch, please do so and follow the instructions on the helppatch ToDo page to publish them. As many of you might already know, there is some big vvvv community event coming up and there we will announce the vvvv-help-patch-king based on your submissions. And who doesn’t want to be king?


Have a nice day and please keep contributing to vvvv!

this page is for now superseded by the new node08.helppatchaward page, which will be readable by all forum users in a minute