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We have a ton of user contributions. Most of them are super amazing but get hidden on page two of the contributions page quite fast. So here is a list of the biggest ones that came to our minds in a first iteration:

Pretty sure we missed quite a few, please have a look and tell us your favorite contribution that everyone should use but is still missing on the page.

The plan is to also add a small preview image for each entry, but let’s finish the list first.

Of course every other thought or opinion is also welcome.


Maybe you could add TexConvGUI to the video section, it’s a bit more recent than DDS Converter and supports newer texture formats like bc6/bc7.


and GGX by @flux which is even harder to find, because it’s only in the forum thread?

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I’d suggest to somehow prominently (not just a link that can get lost) pin this list to the top of the contribution page.
Also please add licensing information, some of these ask for a little something in return if used in commercial projects (SceneGraph, Struct, Player, …). This also gets lost very easily.

thanks, added. maybe add a preview image to the contribution page. and i will also link it in the DDS Converter page, since this one seems to have been found by gamers site and has over 36K downloads.


yes, links will be added on several places, download page, documentation etc.

thought about it and for now decided against it because of two reasons: all links lead to the info page of the respective contribution where the conditions and licensing can be read. also if you browse a list and see licensing information on some and not on others, you already have a pre-filter and you might not click on the ones with payed licenses. this is of course subjective and could be argued with. what would be @woei’s preference for his contributions?

you could list dx11.particles also in the kinect section since it brings everything to work with it (rendering, tracking, calibration, …)


I think @u7angel already did that.


thanks for couple of my packs included in there, more shameless promo here though which where most of my work are concentrated actually: you get pretty big list of nodes with mp.dx and mp.essentials (they don’t have individual contribution pages though, only this guy

I don’t consider Vanadium to be properly released yet (means no vpm package yet, and licensing might not be correct either) but that’s coming really soon now with update to Chromium 74

very good point, sorry for not having them on the list yet. mp.dx obviously goes to rendering, but where would you put mp.essentials?

well I’d say maybe workflow, as it has no specific topic. big list of individual nodes and utilities, similar to addonpack in that regard

thanks, added.

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