Use video of Vjing software to send it in vvvv


I want to know if it’s possible to send with the network a video between a vj soft to vvvv.

exemple 1 :

I want use a video out of resolume and use it in vvvv as video texture for 3d object. ( with the same computer) .

If it’s possible …

exemple 2 :

I want use a video out from modul8 (from a mac) with network to another computer with vvvv for the same work ( use as videotexture ).

It’s possible ? Have you some way to propose me ?

i know Visualjockey can do it and any other software that fully supports freeframe should be able to do it, thru the Bigfug’s fugstream plugin(freeframe), search it on the forum. btw… don’t expect miracles regarding performance/resolution and from my experience it’s not a very easy, reliable and userfriendly way to do it.

i would recommand you to use a black magic graphic card for a full capture as VideoIn if you expect good quality

does the blackmagic work over network?

@karisto: you made blackmagic work inside vvvv ???!!!
the only solution to make it work was make it window captured by VHSC
hehe (know you can make use to it sapo)

@diez: can purpose you VGA capture card only.

black magic : never tried with vvvv but heard about its aquisition power. it doesn t work ?

no network feature for blackmagic. about network thing is it possible to imagine a H264 plugin coding the stream before sending to udp, and a h264 decoder plugin ? i have the filling it could fit the bandwith on 1000 Mb cards

vhscrap is nioe but on heavy complex project something is colliding in memory with vvvv

A very simple way I use to capture video from another window on the same computer is Screenshot (EX9.Texture). This usually brings high framerates around 60fps (as long as you stay on the same screen output - think dual-/triple-head). I have used this in a live setup with up to 4 seperate inputs - works smoothly.
The downside is that you need non-DirectX-output on the source window and if you are on XP or have Aero disabled in Vista or Win7 other windows may come in front of your source window. With Aero you can put your window behind other windows and it will still record.

hum… i m asking myself why it would not work with vvvv if it works with after effects:

as far as i know, in our beloved editing software, wdm is used as standard ?

direct show, thats for us !


he was asking for a nertwork based solution btw…

yes… thats right… so whats about a H264 coding / decoding dll for udp sending ?

@karistouf: i got black magic in my home comp, will сheck might be new drivers or something… but it working with premier, but not with virtual dub and 4v. Seems some new type of capture driver.

and Screenshot (EX9.Texture) very very cool for that ;]

thanks for your help, I’ll try it with the Screenshot (EX9.Texture)

What HD capture card compatible with vvvv, you advise?

Blackmagic Intensity pro is a great card for capturing HD video. The only limitation that I don’t like is that it only supports HD resolutions as input from another computer, IE 1280x720p or 1920x1080p. If you can work with that, it is fast, great quality, and not that expensive.


antokhio ? got it working ?