Use vertex to create structure


how i can created a sphere of segment.
i have tried with the vertex of a sphere, like coordinate for the segment, but i have problem with z and x axis.
the patch below is what i have made.

someone have a suggest.?


uploading your patch is better than a screenshot…
but why dont you connect x and z also to the transfomation?

ok now i will upload the patch.
i did not connet the x and z because if i connect it i have many segments as much as the number of the sphere’s vertex.
i want only create a structure that to be like a sphere with a segments.
i try to explain me better with a ipotetic example:
a structure that have 10 segments with variabile size on y axis
like this:
segment 1 size=0 y=10; segemnt 5 size=10 y=0; segment 10 size=0 y=-10

struttura.v4p (23.7 kB)

at the end i have solved my problems…
this is the patch…

Main_struttura.v4p (31.1 kB)