Use Spread for Switch InputMorph (Color)

Hallo People, hope some one can help me out.

I have a lot off color spreads, and I connected them to an InputMorph (Color) node, so I can ‘switch’ between them.

How ever, I want to select 2 off the inputs, so I made a spread of 2 slices, and connected it to the Input-Pin of the InputMorph (Color) node.

Now my question, how do I split my output, so I get the same output as the 2 inputs I selected. Any clues would be nice.

I attached a patch, and this doesn’t work, and I cannot find the golden rule to split the output back to its original state again.

I want to be able to change the ammount off inputs easy with the inspector, so making my own switch is not the sollution.

Inputmorph Help Needed.v4p (16.0 kB)

like that?
note the resample and stallone nodes.

Inputmorph Help Needed.v4p (15.3 kB)

Thnx Joreg, this works, I would have never tried to make the spread so big, so I was looking at the wrong side off the Node (the output ;) ).

Thnx for helping out, apriciated!!