Use of wordcount

hi guys…
I would like to know if it’s possible to use the wordcount node to count the word occurence in a text, but only “one time”.
The word count made a continuous analysis of a text, I need to count only one time the word of a text in a IOBox…
I’ve tryed to set the addword to a different value, but is not possible. Maybe I don’t have really understand the use of this node.
there’s a possibility to do this?

thanx a lot

I don’t understand exactly what it is you want to, but do you mean you want to count how many times 1 specified word is in your text?
( = (string) and + (value Spectral) can do that for you)

If not, please post an example of what you want to do.

i’d say WordCount (String) does what you want if you only bang the Add Words pin once.

then it will return a spread of all the individual words appearing in the input text and a corresponding spread of occurances per word.