Use of vst

he guys. can someone refer me to a simple example of using vst-plugins (like the synth1-plugin)… i have an old version using sourcebuffer and audio-out, which was working. now after some years i cant help myself to fix it. i did found examples with midi-input - but i have no midi-input. so if someone can help me to just hear a beep from synth1, that would be nice. best regards!!!

you could try the audio pack. There is an example in the girlpower folder…

thanx tonfilm. i already tried it, but a lot of stuff is red and a lot of messages of missing something. (i use the 32bit version of vvvv)… question to this: should it work by just copying the unzipped directory (called ‘pack’) into my root of vvvv? or do i have to copy directories like ‘nodes’ to existing ones?? maybe this is my problem?! i just put in root beside ‘addonpack’, ‘girlpower’, ‘lib’, ‘licences’ … thanx so much!

regarding installing the pack compare: using-addons

thanx joreg. i will have a look at this description!

sorry guys. this is not working for me. i installed the latest version of vvvv 64bit. i put the directory “pack” exactly like in the description (how to use addons). i installed the microsoft-visual-stuff-update. i have also different red nodes, access violation and missing-dialogs (needs task manager to kill it). if someone can help me to hear just a beep without midi-controller in the attached file (vvvv 32 bit) i would be happy!!! iam able to rotate the knobs with lfos, but i dont know how to play a note in this example! thanx guys!!

vst_forum.rar (208.3 kB)

ah, i think you are not aware of the fact that the audio pack installs a whole set of new nodes. double click in the patch and type ‘vaudio’ to see whats there. the one you are looking for is called VSTHost.

have a look in the patch to see how to set the audio engine up and make sure you have an ASIO driver like installed. (870.7 kB)