Use multiple Kinect2 sensors with VVVVgamma

Hi All,

For a project, I need to connect multiple Kinect2 sensors to VVVVgamma on the same PC. I can only see one, and I can’t access the others. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this?

Thank you


Afaik it’s not possible using the official microsoft sdk/driver which the nuget is based on.


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Thank you, Bjoern.Unhappy, I will need to use point clouds and Kinect2 with VVVVgamma, and I think it is not possible with libfreenect2. In kinect2.vl, I can’t find the option to select multiple Kinect camera.

I wrote a wrapper for OpenNI2 to do this with beta, let me see if that will work under gamma. If so will post it. But may be a few days before I get the chance… I just did an instsllation using beta with six K2s on one PC, all generating pointclouds at 30fps.


Thank you