Use kinect via KinEmote on vvvv

hi guys.

I want to do a little, very simple image viewer using a kinect device. The Skeleton stuff here on the forums seems somehow over the top for this task, so I looked for simple kinect2mouse emulators.
The best I’ve found is KinEmote ( which seems to work quite stable after 2 hrs of testing.

When I use the Mouse (Global), I get nice and clean X/Y coordinates within V4. The “click” (push forward with your hand) however seems works perfectly with windows, but doesn’t output any values from each of the two trusty mouse-nodes.

Is there some hack I could do to get the “click”?


hola z,

no idea. and i have to admit we don’t even have a kinect here to test…

hi zepi! dunno if helps, i was experimenting a kinect mouse patch with hierro’s plugin, you click/rightclick/doubleclick by bending fast/slow foward backward the other arm… it unfinished and messy but i managed to play angry birds with it, my problem with it is that the vvvv mouse output doesn’t works in some games/apps. you might want to check it out dismantle it to try make your image viewer entirely in vvvv ;) if you need some help to undertand it just ask. to activate the kinect mouse press m

mouse-plugin009.v4p (128.6 kB)