Use audio stream from music app?

hi, I wonder if it’s possible to catch the audiostream from a music program and use this as an input in vvvv. i tried vvvv for the first time tonight but I don’t understand how to connect an audio input for example to both an fft node and an audio output node.

hi guest,

thats a special case here in vvvv. DShow streams are one to one connections, but you can create as many AudioIn (or AudioOut) nodes as you need. just create another and connect it to the AudioOut …

and welcome !

ok, thanx, tried some modulating with the audio input also, but as you get so many samples the computer have a tough job to update everything in time ;), I tried the rms node and the beat detection patch also, seemed to work. But say if I want to use fft but only 100 values per second instead of 44100, is there a node for this job?