Use a picture as Perlin, use Perlin to blend

Hello everybody.

I have some questions about Perlin :
1 :
I want to use Perlin(DX11) to blend between 2 or more pictures :

I tried different ways with blend nodes, but no success. any ideas?

2 :
I already have a b&w picture, like this, I’d like to use it to get the topography, as black is lowest level, white is the highest level
The ideas is like to generate landscape with perlin, but with specific datasets that I feed, like the attached link.
Is that possible?

PS : I am totally unable to write a single code of shader… :-(

you can use the perlin texture as control texture for the Mix TextureFX node. is that what you are looking for?

1 :
oh yeah! that’s it. God, that was simple…
an extra question on mixTextureFX: is it possible to have more inputs? Or do I have to get my hands in the .tfx?

2 :
still looking for a solution : use the link kind of image to apply on 3D meshes…

thank you thank you thank you!

Hey lostshun

Check out HeightMap from InstanceNoodle.

Ahhhhhhh! Got it! Wonderful!

Thank you loads!

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