USB2DMX from JMS supported by vvvv?


I’m new to vvvv (just started hours ago) and I’m curious if it’s possible to use my USB2DMX interface from JMS (uses Open DMX / d2xx as far as I know) (sorry, German website!)

Has somebody done this before? I’ve “searched” the forum for the JMS device but could not find anything.

looking forward to any hint!

Hi it’s me again!

I did some further investigations. It seems that the USB2DMX cable uses a FTDI FT8U2XX controller (according to my device manager) I’ve installed the D2XX driver which came with the cable. The FTDI website says, that the FT8U2XX can be accessed via a .dll file when using the D2XX driver. There is also a driver virtual COM port (VCP) driver for the chip. I’ve no idea what to do.
Has anybody an idea how to bind this dll to vvvv?

Hints in any direction are welcome!

if the driver dll is called DASHARD.DLL it might be compatible with the old Soundlight DMX box. so if you have a dll with that name, try dropping it into the vvvv folder and use the [DMX (Devices Soundlight]( node.

if not you are out of luck, although with some basic knowledge about c# you probably could write a plugin accessing your dll.


I’ve finally managed to register, so the two guest entries above was me! ;)

Thanks oschatz for the DASHARD.DLL approach. but I think this won’t work. At the FTDI page I found following:

An FTD2XX device is an FT232R USB UART, FT245R USB FIFO, FT2232C Dual USB
FT8U245AM USB FIFO interfacing to Windows application software using FTDIs WDM driver
FTD2XX.SYS. The FTD2XX.SYS driver has a programming interface exposed by the dynamic link
library FTD2XX.DLL and this document describes that interface.

So i guess the FTD2XX.DLL should be used instead of DASHARD.DLL.

However there is still the problem, that I’ve no idea where DMX actually comes into the game. Who is responsible for the generation of DMX signals? The vvvv patch, the a DLL, the something else? I would be very happy for any kind of help.

Has somebody a valid E-Mail of Hippy. I found 3 addresses, but I received 3 Error Mails from the mailserver. :(

hi lr12. the opendmx needs to be ported on vvvv.

vvvv is talking with the enttec pro because its a virtual com port driver ( emulating like a printer), and a dmx array is sended to it thruth the RS232 node.

vvvv doesn t support the open dmx ( if i m wrong please tell me), wich needs the writting of a plug in ( dll) to send to the FTDI2XX dll a dmx buffer. Opendmx do not hear RS232 node.

this means some hard coding to enable the entec open to be piloted from vvvv.
I m ready to code it ( as i have already coded it for schwartzpeter, so it should be easy), but i do not have no more open dmx at home ( just a pro and an old soundlight) !

Hi karistouf!

It would be great if you could code such a patch for open dmx. But just to clarify, I have the JMS interface not the Enttec, but think it should not make any difference. Both are open dmx as far as I know.

I m ready to code it ( as i have already coded it for schwartzpeter, so it should be easy)

Does that mean there is already a patch for an open dmx?

Where do you live? I could lend you my JMS interface, if you are near to Vienna. Maybe the guys at JMS support this project with an open dmx interface?!

hi lr12. im in france. but i will see if a friend can give it to me a little time. perhaps would it be more easy.
it will take some time.
first i need to learn how to write a dll for vvvv.
i will make a test next week for my enttec pro ( wich will surely helpto simplify the rs232 way). then on the open…

Hi karistouf!

I’m very happy! :) and looking forward to the first opendmx version!

dunno if this helps.

i know that @west did a module for ENTTEC DMX USB PRO interface.
can’t find it on his pages though…

DMX (Devices Enttec_USB_Pro).v4p (20.7 kB)

thanks kale for this patch
i will make a try fo a dll on the pro first, then on the open when ready…

oh and let me add this one.

point your thanks to west. he earns the credits.

DMX (Devices Enttec USB Pro Reciever).v4p (10.6 kB)

LR12, configure little_cat to work with enttec open … should be easy like this