Usb scanners -> vvvv

for a project by a friend of mine i am asking this:
is it possible to connect an usb scanner to vvvv?
is it possible to connect more than one usb scanner to vvvv?

he is building an installtion which consists of several scanners that gather visuals for a projection. i know that it would be easier by using webcams, but he wants to use the light sled of scanners as room light.

any hints on this?

the obvious way would be to create a TWAIN node. This doesn’t exist in vvvv at the moment and it’s not on the schedule. But some of the developers might have more suggestions.
When you only need the movement effect of the light, you can hack the stepper motors of a scanner to be controlled from vvvv (see howto motors - some soldering required)

Fellow User @fleg integrted scanners in an installation once by letting people scan files to a folder (via some quick-scan button on the device I guess) and then watching that directory for changes from vvvv. Not as elegant, but in that case it worked.