Usb? for 4 multiple monitor or 2cards?

I am doing an art project that involves running 4 videos on 4 different monitors from one pc. this 4 monitors will be in a line and will be used as on long video or four different videos on each screen. I have a very limited amount of money so I want to know if this can work using four usb to vga converters (such as this or this ). Has anyone tried this yet?
The other option I am thinking of is two sli graphic cards with two vga. Would this work for the above? I’ve been told that My graphic card(Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI) should support this. But I still don’t know if I could use all of the monitors at the same time.
If anyone tried the first solution please tell me if it works or at least the second one…I am not planing on a high resolution. Probably 480x640.

I have been sourcing the internet for a long time but cant find a definite answer. I am running out of time so pleeeeeeeeeease help me.
Did anyone try any of this.


there’s lots of answers to multiple monitor setups throughout the vvvv hardware forums.
the usual answer is
“Use Matrox dualhead2go’s or tiplehead2go’s to get 2 or 3 SVGA/XGA/SXGA screens/projectors per head of your graphics card”

i.e. you can get up to 6 heads from one graphics card with 2 heads and 2 triplehead2go’s

if you need some hard ass acceleration then you might need to split across more graphics cards, but since the whole scene must be rendered on every gfx card, there’s not a significant performance boost by splitting onto more cards

I think there may be a cheaper way of doing this as well:
use the image controls of the projector the ‘select’ the right or left half of the image as the whole image area. do this alternately for 2 projectors and you’ve got a dualhead from 1 head.
if the projector supports scaling from higher resolutions, you might even be able to do this and still use the projector’s native resolution for the cropped area

oh, and watch out for usb monitors, their performance is generally pretty bad
displaylink (or whatever it’s called) for usb monitors is supposed to be sorting that, but it’s still in early stages

I don’t think the USB things support more than one extra monitor per PC.
A while ago I saw an external box from Matrox which added 2 monitors t a laptop by taking a high-res video input from the video-out & splitting it into multiple lower-res feeds - similar to the suggestion above re. scaling projectors. Not sure if this is still available.