USB / Firewire cams over 10m?

Hey all

Anybody got any experience with having a 30fps VGA RGB camera 10meters from your computer?
Any experiences with either firewire or usb cameras would be appreciated.

Currently looking at ps3eye’s with 2xUSB repeaters. Any thoughts?


those hub have external power and allow you to extend your firewire connection.

be aware that usually when talking about firewire camera they need to have alientation, coming thruth firewire ( big socket )

you may also prefer a gige camera, wich is really better to use and has less weak point
(swignal, power, ect…)

The Fw extenders from digitalimagingsource are 10m each, need no alimentation, and can be daisy-chained (we tested up to 60m with their cameras with no problems).
The PS3Eye will sometimes just not initialöize if you put it on 2x5m active extenders from tecline.
Karistouf, have you been working with this gigE model, or are you guessing?

Ho, i started using firewire and USB cameras, but then i discovered the gige cameras. No more troubles with the distances. Tried with success with ids ueye cameras and a 100meters cable with no probs

@max: i have bought an imaging source extender , but it is not working at all if you need to feed it with power thruth firewire. thats why i had help from digitalslaves who shows me its Firewire Hub. i m surprised it worked for you, as 2 years ago we had a Firewire camera from imaging source. and extender was not at all good working !

better is a gige camera: less troubles on intempestive plug / unplug and less elements in the signal chain , so really more powerfull