USB Drive dropouts

I have recently begun using the Writer (DX11.Texture 2d NRT Advanced) to render video in good quality non real time. it works really well, but I do have the problem that I get dropouts. I get an error message that the disk is not available. When clicking OK, everything continues and I can finish rendering. the problem is that 3 frames go missing, messing up my render.
This only happens with USB drives, I can copy files nicely back and forth with high speed and everything seems to be alright, but I do get these dropouts when using the NRT writer. when I render to the main SSD it never happens.

Any suggestions on how to make the USB drives more stable?

In Windows try to change the energy saving setup.

On your chosen energy profil ( for example high performence ) go to advanced settings. Under usb deactivate selective usb energy saving ( somehting like that )

A shot in the dark… But this causes my external audiocard to go to sleep even though vvvv is using it.

USB selective suspend… was enabled both on battery and wall power, it’ll be interesting to see if it fixes it

Seems to fix it, I wrote around 30000 frames over 3 hours to a USB disk today.


yay :) maybe this should be added somewhere in the wiki, it may solve many usb related issues and its a default windows setting. maybe in -> ?

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