USB DMX What to buy?

What is the best and easiest device USB DMX to work with?

i read the documentation but all Devices seemed to be not perfect. So plz tell me your succsessstory with an specific Device and vvvv!

thx for help


I Just got the Enttec USB DMX Pro, a few days ago and have been happy with it so far! Nice construction and comes with everything you need. The only downside was UPS manging to mess up the delivery FIVE times! Id defnately recommed the Enttec but ask they use someone else other than UPS!


Why do you want to go USB?

believe me and go ArtNet. once you used ArtNet you don’t want any USBtrouble anymore.

Enttec ODE
got mine 2 weeks ago.
use it as input or output node.
far the best IF i had by now.

want to make some definitive performance test soon.
but i used the interface with 80 extreme fast CCFLs and it made a difference if my patch ran with 25 FPS or with 30 FPS!

i read the documentation but all Devices seemed to be not perfect.

ah yes, the documentation has to be reworked there.
as soon there is time…

@ Digipic , I have the Enttec USB DMX Pro , did you make it to work with vvvv via the D2XX driver ? , if so how ? I just got it working via Comport(slower than d2xx driver) using the patches that West kindly shared


Hi Colorsound, I’ve using West’s Enttec patch to make it work, the performance has been good so far. I’ll look at the D2XX driver the is week.
I currently have a lend of an Artnet ether-lynxHere which kind of blows the Enttec out of the water, although it would for the price!

thx for reply Digipic

the Etherlynx is definitely a very fine, fast piece of ArtNet-hardware.
but i assume the Enttec ODE being also that fast.

thx for all the infos!
i am a DMX virgin.
Now i have got the Enttec USB DMX Pro device.

What are the next steps?

sorry for this questions but i don’t know what to do.

how is the DMX code/string to controll it with rs232. Is there a page where i can find the syntax?

there are some basics:


but still is not working…

thx for help so far