Usability - Node label

Hello all,

I would like to bring some usability case which i encountered using VVVV. The subject is about labeling the nodes like IO box, Bang, Toggle, Color, Enumeration.

The labeling in the bottom made it inconvenient while connecting pins as pins both highlighted/normal state was blinded by label overlap. I was thinking how about shifting the label to the top? Considering the logic all top pins accepts one input but bottom pins leads to multiple output which means more chances of accessing bottom pins.

Since other nodes like transform, camera etc nodes do not support labeling our focus is only keeping the label clean and visible for IO box, Bang, Toggle, Color, Enumeration.

This is only my suggestion in an effort to see beloved VVVV more effective, Please refer the image below in comparison of the labeling in top and bottom respectively.

even nicer would be if the labels are where the mouse isn’t imo

@Urbankind: I really don t understand how is this going to help any way since ioBoxes have got input and output pins, right?

Hello IO,

That’s the point, as i mentioned input pins accepts one input but output pin leads to multiple pins.

Lets take a scenario where input pin of IO box is connected, connecting input pin is always for one instance… you will not touch this pin ever again in most cases + you may name the label before or after connection. In the other hand, output pins will be accessing multiple times in different course of time…this is where pins go unnoticed because of overlap and especially the active/highlight state of pins cannot be seen. We really don’t have this problem with top pins as its accessed only once and there is less chances we change the source for IO box often.

What do you think mate?

Hello Sebl,

That’s a good idea. I agree with you but hiding label on hovering node doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Accessing pin also happens from backwards, like connecting input pin of transform and until destination pin is clicked all the possible connecting pins gets highlighted(now u need to see the pins without even hovering)…this is where “hover-hide-label” will not help and bottom label is inconvenient for overlapping.
  • Personally i think hiding label to see the pins is inconsistent approach.

I wonder that does other users also find this inconvenient?

However changing label color would also solve this instantly but i really like the grey style and don’t expect to see any extra colors :)

I really don t like labels on top, and it s not a solution, so… make its background 70% opaque.

Hello IO,

I tried the transparent label and it works in all ways. Compared to labelling on top and changing labelling color… transparent label with white label text scores.
I attached here an image showing the difference, another point is that i connected top IO box to " node"…We can clearly see the connections and active pin with transparent label whereas its confusing to identify which IO box the " node" is connected in solid color label.

2 more things to try out

*move the label a few pixels on the right (still problems when using 2D)

*move the label under the connections

I think it would be ideal to be able to select where the label is in the inspektor. This would help distinguish IO boxes that are used for display and input (or input/output for a subpatch) as different objects visually.

indeed decided to label above for inlets, otherwise still below ioboxes. check latest alpha.