Urgent, "renderer problem"?

hi I use the latest beta version.
i’m using quad and renderer and transform to show some video image on specific location of screen by projector.
(PC screen is 1366x768, PJ is 1270x720)

how ever each time i open vvvv node, position is changed… some time image doesn’t come because quad is out of display…(sound only comes)

is it about renderer condition? D16 or “as desktop”??? or just convination of PC and PJ???
does any one know hot to solve?

Thank you in advance.


@takiscope try making the projector your main output (Right-click the desktop and click screen resolution), the* n open the patch and see where the renderer ends up. You may have to

  • set it again,
  • save close the vvvv down again
  • and open it up

to see if it worked.

Hope this helps

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