Upload VVVV to Arduino


it is possible to convert a vvvv patch to arduino code and upload to the arduino board.

so that you can use the board as stand alone device
with a converted vvvv patch.

thanks for your support

in principle someone could think about creating a set of nodes with string inputs and outputs with which you can generate complex strings (complete arduino programs) which you could input into the arduino c-compiler and upload them to the board. you could

in principle this same set of nodes could be made to work directly in vvvv, so you could prototype everything, take the code and there you go. its a fascinating perspective. while patching a node set like this in vvvv might have its tedious points, it looks quite feasible these days with the new plugin interface.

in practice it would be necessary to define a workable subset of nodes with limited features - even apparently simple nodes like the Oscillator node contain a lot of floating point code which is very likely to overwhelm the poor atmel processor in the arduino (especially in combination with larger spreadcounts) - but this is very much depending on the actual application. on the other side you probably dont want to do the arduino to to 3d particle renderings anyway

I also thought about building a subset of specialized arduino nodes - but it I think that would be a lots of hard work. maybe that would be a task for more than one guy … MrBenefit!? and the rest of the arduino vvvv gang?!