Up the resolution!


perhaps im not doing the right thing here entirely, but if i increase the buffer height and width of a EX9 renderer it seems to make no difference, ie no increase in perceived res.

Its also the same when i increase the width and height on a videoIn node…

do i have have do do something else aswell, my rendereer output is blocking - i want 1024 x 768 for output to projector…

thanx for any help in advance,


to made it, select your renderer in the inspector (ctrl+i) and set the fullscreen resolution to 1024x768, leave the backbuffer at zero.


but hmmm…

i have a renderer with backbuffer height and width allready set to 512, both.

if i change this back to 0 the renderer window goes blank.

whats the solution?

thanks for your help!

Shouldn’t go blank, you could set the back buffer to 1024 768, essentially it sets the process resolution, 0 sets it to default at what ever size the render window is.