Unzip (String) Output Count does not work

Hi all,
I’m new to vvvv so I’m not sure if I’m misusing the Unzip (String) node or if there is an actual bug. I’ve found a similar bug report for Unzip (String Bin) from 2013, not sure if it’s been fixed there.

I have data from a CSV with three columns that I’ve split up using Separate. Now I want to get the third column into a separate Spread so that I can use it for a graph.
I’ve tried this with unzip, setting the Output Count to 3. The effect is that there is a third output but it remains empty. The data is spread over the first and second output.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an alternative approach or node to achieve this? If not, are the addon nodes in a public repository so that I can fix the bug myself?

One workaround I found is to switch the source node from SliceCount Input to SliceCount ColsRowPages and back and suddenly it works (see image 1 and 2)


You should post the patch, there could be an error there, since here (beta 33.1 x32) works fine.
Probably you should set Ignore between pin to None.

Thanks for the report. Should be fixed in upcoming alpha build (bd652604f15).