Unwrap/unfold an arbitrary n-sides polygon. 3D to 2D

Hey guys,

i´m looking for a way to unwrap or unfold polygons from 3d space to 2d plain,
more or less than this processing library, but instead of triangles it should work with any n-sides polygon.


Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


hi lasal,
without knowing your intentions behind unwraping /unfolding,
i use http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/
to build my 3D models for testing

Hey DiMiX,

thanks for the answer,
i know Pepakura and there are other tools in the market, also is possible to do the same in 3Dstudio with the unwrap UVW tool, but i don´t really need the folding net but every polygon points folded into 2d and translated to (0,0).

In Autocad there is a tool called “Align” to align any arbitrary polygon in the 3D space to the 2D plane, in order to obtain the real dimensions of a 2D object.

I think it could be possible in vvvv calculating the polygon´s Normal vector, and then fold it in 2d plane using it as reference, but for now it´s out of my math skills.

Any idea would be nice,


now i see -you need it within v4 framework.
i think some CalculateDistanceApplyTransformVector algorithm would do the job

thanks to the 3PointsToPlan(3d)´s unknown patcher.