Unstable Raw Shared Memory

Hallo sending 159120 Bytes for LEDs over Artnet I experience some random drops/lags. Framerates are stable both in Writer and Receiver. Any idea how to debug/improve ? Tx

hei io,

the title of your topic talks about shared memory, while above you’re talking about artnet. please best share your patch with some more info.

Artnet is irrelevant, just naming my use case, the issue seems to be about Raw Shared Memory.

write memory(vvv instance) -> read memory(vvvv instance) -> send to Artnet

I debugged the ethernet cable and simplified my patch to check for possible issues but the seems to be some kind of hiccup when data is moved among instances with Raw Shared Memory, this is the biggest amount of data I ever moved and I wonder if there is some kind of limitation.

Upon further debugging (moving Artnet completely in the sender patch, avoiding data sharing on memory) the error persists so I am excluding the Shared memory as theorigin of the issue. Closing.

So the issue is related to usb-C dongle with Ethernet and HDMI outputting at the same time, or even a dodgy adapter? The bandwidth of USB-C should be plenty enough but maybe because of the way the different streams are packed together there is some stuttering on the Ethernet lane, nothing you can even notice while browsing the internet but an issue on UDP at 50fps.
Anybody had similar issues?

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