Unread typeface not very clear

The difference between the text of the topic names in the forum overview to indicate that there is unread posts is very similar to the text of the threads with no unread content.

It is difficult, at least for me to distinguish between all read and all unread.

Honestly, but this is just me, I can’t see any difference; probably because unconsciously I’m still looking for the ol’ red text, which made things clear AF.



Any suggestions from your side? Ultimately @joreg will decide, but if you let us know what would work best for you guys, I can adjust the styling.

I actually understand the choice, it looks good.

But I would just suggest that the unread subjects are just even more bold. The current difference in “boldness” is not big enough.

I don’t think adding color or a red new like in the old forum would be good, the forum is already too cluttered in my opinion

You are goddam right.

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