Unity - the pros and cons from a vvvv'ers perspective

Any Unity developers or vvvv’ers that would willing and able to discuss the pros and cons of Unity in comparison to vvvv?

There’s no chance of me learning Unity (vvvv for life™), I’m just interested to know the competition as I’ve heard from a few tech directors that they are favouring Unity over other types of software.


Hacker News forum thread on Unity: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4783350

i’m using both for work and both obviously have pros and cons so i’ll try to keep it short and give you some random points which crossed my mind.

  • unity is kickass for easily massdeployable apps on a vast number of platforms

  • it has a very nice editor and is easily scriptable in c# and UnityScript (which is JS).

  • vvvv on the other hand is unbeatable for rapid development/prototyping and everything AV related.

  • the way a thought grows into a patch is very different from coding in plain text. (nodebased programming in unity is possible with 3rd party tools, but imho nothing beats the v)

  • vvvv has a huge amount of features for special setups (e.g. boygrouping, but also lots of other things)

  • vvvv also is also unbeatable as a learning tool for understanding a wide variety of standard algorithms/principles in a fun way. (e.g. by just pressing F1)

  • both have vital communities where the unity community is ofcourse larger, but i personally prefer the cosyness of the vvvv community

I started using Unity a couple of years ago, before vvvv.
It definitely is nice and got improved a lot over the years.

I must agree with m4d that vvvv is unbeatable in rapid prototyping.

I think Unity really has its advantages in the more realistic 3D world. It is really easy to import 3D models - setup animations etc. Doing abstract stuff like in vvvv might be hard in Unity (spreads are really neat). Also Unity is mainly used for Game development (not exclusively).

I think the disadvantage of visual programming is that (in case you dont write your own addons) your programming skills are not improved, maybe logically - but you really dont learn c# or similar.

Im agree with m4d in so many aspects, however, unity have out of the box better graphics engine than vvvv, but if you know hlsl ,this is just a programming task,
on the other hand for people who arent programmers,vvvv is very handy to develop things without a single line of code.
And of course vvvv is only runtime, and unity have the edit mode and the runtime mode, sometimes is annoying to stop the program to change just a parameter…
there are plugins for unity that allows you to use visual programming for scripting (uscript) but i didnt test how it works.
depending the project you want to do you choose the right tool.