Unify the use of UVs in the Sprite variants

Since I was getting grey hair over this, I thought I should make one of the issues from my epic thread on text-particles into an FR:

At the moment, there are two kinds of Sprites, the "Sprite (Material Extension) and the "Sprite (Effect).
The Sprite Effect has the “use unified UVs” enabled internally and behaves as one would expect from a billboard, having a 0-1 UV range over it’s surface.

Initially I used the Material Extension, and there you get a different range, so I was seeing 4 words instead of one as I would have expected - and also the UVs are flipped in Y compared to the Sprite Effect.

Here is an example patch, created from the original help file @Gegenlicht created for me when I was unable to get it to work. It’s heavily modified to make the issues clearer and also has a fixed FlipBookUV replacement inside.

TextSpritesExampleGegenlicht_Tom_SpriteIssue.vl (193.2 KB)

My request would be to unify the two sprite variants and make them behave like the Sprite Effect, so they work out of the box with the (fixed) FlipBookUVs.

I personally would also suggest to NOT make the aspect ratio for the Sprite a hidden parameter… ;-)

Thank you very much.


For reference, here is the epic thread leading to this:

Yes you are completely right I reworked those parts on the sprite nodes and they are now consistend in uv handling.