Unicorn osc issue

b’coz built-in tuiodecoder plugin the previous issue still occurs with current beta28.3.https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8226
so i’m using osc instead.

did some testing with unicorn alpha-revisionf873a,but seems not working,please do the see the demo patch&video


osc_tuio_test.zip (7.8 kB)
osc_tuio.zip (2.9 MB)

i’ve added (like it was done for Reader/Writer) a hidden encoding pin to all the tcp/udp nodes. previously the systems default encoding was used which points to some multi byte encoding in your case i guess.
by default it now points to utf-8, which should be a nice default, as sending a japanese text from a japanese system to a german one should simply work. BUT, it’s the wrong default for the TUIO protocol. we need to use a 8 bit ASCII encoding for it, as the bytes coming from the network should be interpreted this way. i used the Windows-1252 encoding in this case.

also the TUIO plugin used a mix of default (system dependent) and 7 bit ASCII encoders, while the TUIO protocol uses 8 bit ASCII (like windows-1252, or iso-8859). i’ve fixed that also and it now uses windows-1252 (8 bit ASCII) for all its encoding and decoding tasks.

pls check latest unicorn build and tell me how it works.
i’ll also attach my test patch to this post.

osc_tuiotest.v4p (5.7 kB)

ah,i see, thxs for the explanation,now it’s working as expected with lastest unicorn version.
btw,the “???” mark finally gone ^_^

juhu! :)