Unibrain fire-i on macbook pro


I have some problems with the Unibrain Fire-I cam on my Macbook Pro.
With the original drivers and the Unibrain application I get a picture but if I try to get the videoin in vvvv I get an error:

00:06:47  *  : Adding node to filtergraph: VideoIn (DShow9)
00:06:47     : VideoIn (DShow9).Video --> Unibrain Fire-i driver / Unibrain Fire-i Board BW.Capture
00:06:47 ERR : Unbekannter Fehler

and no picture is shown. I remember that I had issues with this in the past, but don’t know how I solved them. Any help would be appreciated.

vvvv 45beta25
macbook pro 2,16ghz (second revision)
windows xp sp3

thanks m9d