Unfound Native dependencies with MyCaffe

An important DLL goes unseen in the Nuget package. The actual required file in this case is called cudnndll[x].dll, ‘x’ being the version of Cuda dll installed that t can read.

ExploringmyCaffeExportable2.vl (164.6 KB)
If you install the Nuget you can look in the In the packages folder for ‘MyCaffe.’ and inside that, ‘nativeBinaries’ which has several cudnndll files. They aren’t seen by the software and so the system looks in the vvvv.exe folder for them. Putting one of these files in there solves that issue (though another one arises…)

Encountered something similar with YoloCSharp.

Sounds like the problem described in Unmanaged/Native Dependencies. Does that help?

@joreg sadly not. Here’s the batch file I’ve made, is there anything wrong with it?
MyCaffe_setup bat.zip (384 Bytes)

I tried changing the name of the native library to ‘lib-native’ and then ‘support’ to no avail. inside that is an ‘x64’ folder and in that, Dependency’.

As @bjoern is finding,Gamma doesn’t find the Cuda and CuDNN binaries set in the environment path, so we have to copy these into the vvvv program folder.

@bjoern, a way around your issue might be to install CUDA and CUDNN Nugets provided by Microsoft. They’re literally just the Cuda-based dependencies with no other fat. As Nugets, VL picks them up correctly, and hopefully makes installation easier.

i think the only path necessary should be the one pointing to “…mycaffe.\nativeBinaries\x64”

in your batch file you left out the “\x64”!

Thanks. Doesn’t yet fix my problem because the Cuda dependencies are in another repo. How can I apply this to my arg.txt file?

just doublechecking: you did follow the requirements listed here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/MyCaffe/
they don’t mention any other repos or copying files. you say installing the three things as listed there is not enough?

They’re already installed. I also downloaded their demo app and I was able to check what files should be available in the final program.

They would be using Visual Studio for development, but I don’t know how it references the environment path files.

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