Unexpected behaviour of RayIntersectsSphere

Actually not really sure if I am getting something wrong, but I expected the Vector3 of the RayIntersectsSphere to be where ray and sphere meet, is this a bug?

RayIntersectsSphere.vl (24.3 KB)


Thanks! :) And why?

When working with calculations involving rays the magnitude (length) of the Ray is calculated should be 1. I dunno, maths innit!


Maybe this helpful to somebody in the future.

Sorry I have to come back to this… this time I use a normalized vector, but with a direction which is clearly shooting past the sphere. Am I still missing something here?

RayIntersectsSphere.vl (25.5 KB)

in the patch you attached, the Normalize node is missing. if you add it, it works as expected.



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